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    Damn it, phone, I said "erect nipples," not "wrecked nipples." Do you do this stuff just to mess with me?
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    The Sídhe's Apprentice

    Author: BronxWench Title: The Sídhe's Apprentice Summary: Alistair Brady just wanted to be a wizard like his grandfather, which meant studying magic with the prickly and dangerous Sídhe. He never planned on falling in love, until he looked into the icy gray eyes of his new tutor, and discovered another kind of magic. Feedback: Yes, please! Fandom: Original Fiction Warnings: Anal COMPLETE Fingering MM Oral Solo story or chaptered story: Solo URL: http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600109668 Review Reply thread: http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/topic/25864-bronxwenchs-review-replies-original-fiction/
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    Things dog people should know about cats: They don’t hate everything – some of them just have resting bitch behavior. They don’t want to kill you in your sleep – they want to cuddle...your face. Some are picky about food. Others? “Feed me right now oR i WiLl ScReAm!!!” The fat ones are the cuddliest. The skinny ones make good parrots. They’re not lazy – they conserve energy for their one-am zoomies. No, they don’t care if that doesn’t work with your schedule. Hairballs...that’s really just a euphamism for “fur-filled barf-cigar.” If you treat them right, and don’t treat them like dogs, chances are they’ll love you for life. If you treat them like dogs, they’ll become assholes. On the other hand, some really are just assholes from the start. It’s a toss-up. Toe-beans. ‘nuff said. Brought to you by my two babies, Heiferlump Chance and Woozle Thomas...one of whom is screaming for food right now. Cats.
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    non villain bad guy

    A)One of the darkest aspects of Harry Potter’s world is that love potions are readily abundant and heavily used to the point there had to be several wizards/witches who had to develop cures or other tricks to circumvent. D&D/ Pathfinder/ D20 systems have charm magic which forces the afflicted to view you, your words and actions in the most favorable ways barring blatantly suicidal orders or outright harmful ones. Aka. Best friend forevers at least until the effect wears off. The Bigger Badder version with a prison record Is Dominate Person/ Monster in which the effect is outright mindcontrol. Both of these completely compromise a victim’s free will and belong to Coercion. The former implies a widespread date rape culture in which witches are the targeted demographic if by the sheer variety young witches are given access to is any indication. The latter is one of the reasons why the horny bard trope is so abundant. There’s no way to mince words, Any method of enforcing your desires on others is a moral event horizon. They’re a villain.
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    From Fairy-Slayer on September 20, 2020 Thanks! I wanted to create a wider variety of scenarios for Lincoln in this story than I did in “Enter the Sandboy,” and ramp up the intensity, too. Preg-sex with Mom seemed like a good step in that direction. We’ll find out more about his state of mind in the next chapter. Thanks! Lisa is really fun to write because she’s highly cerebral and yet no less prone to human desires than anyone else. Thank you!
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    From Fairy-Slayer on September 20, 2020 Now I've got the "Mysterious Force" song from P&F in my head. Yes he does, and thanks! I think she views them as art pieces: They were made by someone else, but they're part of her home. My thinking was that because she's come to know Craig so well, she knows how to communicate on his level. I did not even think of that. Maybe Tanya will give Maney a similar dream at some point. Thank you!
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    Chapter 1 (of 4) of “The Cartooniverse Mother-Daughter Crossover Sextacular” is posted! Six mother-daughter teams from around the cartoon universe compete in an epic sex contest. Who will be sent packing, and who will be crowned the Sex Queen and Princess of the Cartooniverse?