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    “Stop scrolling! Are you ready to read the best story you’ve ever read? Great! You can read this piece of shit until you find it. Rape, snuff, MAGA”.
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    Well, at least he made his reasons for leaving clear so all his readers don’t have to wonder? Of course, he also made unfounded judgements and claims about everyone on this site. People he’s never met. I dunno why I’m saying he, maybe it was a woman, or somewhere in between; I’m not sure that matters. I’m not really offended by it, I’m just baffled and incredulous, because of how fricking presumptuous their rant was. In my case, yes, my family would be shamed if they found out what I write. My family is made up of seventh day adventists and uber catholics and bigots. They’d be ashamed of me if they knew I was a feminist, or if they knew I was pro-choice, or if they knew I didn’t believe in a cosmic hierarchy. Or even if they knew I didn’t completely hate the Canadian prime minister lol. The pro-choice thing would probably horrify them more than the writing smut thing. (My grandmother founded a pro-life movement in our area.) Writing smut and violence is healthy. Unless you’re a psychopath and what you’re writing is actually your personal memoirs about rape and cannibalism… It’s therapy. At least for me. It’s a way to vent. I hope y’all never feel ashamed of the depraved things you enjoy writing and reading. People on this site are a million times more creative and open-minded and kind and supportive than any of the anti-smut people I’ve known.
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    I am back from my travels. I wasn’t sure we’d get off at all, since my mother had a gallstone attack (requiring an ambulance and hospital admission in the hours before we were due to set off), but happily they eventually gave her the all clear. Do NOT get me started on my aunt, who swanned off to the pub while I went in the ambulance, despite the fact that it was quite serious at that point. And we weren’t even packed. So when we were home, I got zero sleep. But… I got there, and I got to see some good dancers, listened to some great singers, and I got dressed up as a pirate for Whitby Abbey to see a shortish play based on Dracula, and lots of people took pictures of me, which means I probably did it right (or alternatively, very wrong). Internet evidence to the contrary should be kept to yourselves, please. I visited some castles. I stared at the sea, in the rain, in the hours before dawn, because I’m kind of weird like that, and because I hadn’t even had chance to look at the sea all week until that last morning when it was raining. But mostly because I’m a smoker, and it was either stare at the sea or just stand about outside the hotel looking at the wet road. I chose the sea. I might be back at work on Monday. I really can’t recall if booked the day off. I’ll need to find out before then.
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    I’m awake again. So, earlier in the Asda, I was just innocently shopping, and this really tall blonde woman walked by me. Then kind of stopped, and looked down at little hobbit me, and smiled. My heart didn’t jump, it did some kind of strange figure eight move. She even had the short hair and everything. Not that I’m saying this was a Brienne lookalike. No. This was definitely a Gwendoline Christie lookalike. Though about ten or fifteen years younger. I don’t object to this at all. I believe in my narrative wholeheartedly. Gwendoline Christie has to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. And Brienne is beautiful too, no matter what Martin might say. To those two right now she is. That’s okay. What I do object to, is getting to the checkout, and finding myself looking around for ‘the big woman’ just in case she was there so that I could look at her again. It’s not as if I’ve even written that much of Tormund’s pov, ffs. :/ I swear, this story… *sighs*
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    Yep, that’s why I still do it, I enjoy it. It took me dabbling in fanfiction to realize that I do love it, because I had believed my mother’s discouraging words before that (don’t confuse intent with effect here, she still thinks I don’t like writing, because, I’m definitely not showing her what I’ve been writing here!). Of course, now that I’ve got the halloween story into the hands of my beta, I’m starting to work up another story
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    Only one or two? I thought this place was filled with nutjobs! Myself included.
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    I should probably reply to this thread when I’m not having one of those ridiculous crises of confidence that strikes every so often… but let’s pretend I’m not. So here goes: I think the two reasons mentioned in the article are a load of claptrap. It might apply to novel writers, but it certainly doesn’t to fanfiction authors, who can’t sell what they write, so therefore the second reason can never apply. As for the first, I don’t think many of us start writing (original or fanfiction) with a fully formed story in our heads. I think it comes to us during the process. Why do I write? Getting down to the nuts and bolts. I love the language. I like words, and I like playing around with them. I’m not educated, so I don’t always know the correct terms, but I know more or less what I’m doing. Also, despite the crisis mentioned above, I suspect I’m actually quite good at it, unlike, say… football. So I write. And I don’t play football. I like writing casually, sure. I also like writing less casually. I like writing where I take my time over word choices and put a lot of effort into building and maintaining a specific atmosphere. The horror story I wrote for JayDee is an example of that. There’s lots of water-based description going on there that happens when I’m describing ordinary things. i.e. her hope bubbled up in her. The S&M story The Hook I adored writing, because of the atmosphere of despair in it. Fanfiction is an art in and of itself. Lots of people who hate fanfiction will disagree with me here, and they’re free to, but I won’t change my mind. Let’s imagine I’m my usual confident self for one moment. I’ve now got years of fanfiction writing experience behind me. I’ve written in a lot of different fandoms. There’s a slightly different art to writing fanfiction for a literary medium, to writing for a visual canon, like a film or tv series. The echoes you need to include are different. At this point, I’m like a master art forger who can knock out a fairly credible da Vinci, but can’t paint for themselves. I’m not less of an artist. I still haven’t found that key that makes the original work sparkle in my head the same way as the fanfiction does, but if I ever do, I probably won’t look back. In that case, the second reason will probably seem to apply. But it won’t be the first why and wherefore. It won’t be the driving force. That is and will always be the need to play about with words, to use them to create a feeling, or an atmosphere, or to say something that can’t really be put into words, only alluded to by way of a story. If we could say these things out loud just like that, we’d never have made stories. Stories grant us power we don’t otherwise have. It’s a good feeling, even if you tend to write rather awful things. Ok… can I go back now? *huddles back under rock*
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    This is entirely unhelpful, but I was reminded of my college days when I was waiting tables in a bistro. We had a cat (in utter violation of the regs, but the rats were a bigger violation, and the cat kept those away) and she had a habit of wandering into the walk-in refrigerators. The headwaiter posted signs for us: “Don’t lock the cat in the walk-in. Cold pussy doesn’t do anyone any good.”
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    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ newbie writer here. i’m an artist and will probably lurk more than post, but figured i’d say hi, so... ~ HI!
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    Having broken the $10 mark on BN.com, I can officially add "Paid author" to the resume. I think, technically, this puts me at Z list status. Y status here we come!
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    Happy birthday to the amazing DemonGoddess061!
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    Couldn’t sleep. But the fun thing about insomnia is everything seems 150% funnier and gooder (that’s a word now. I just decided). I just started a scene and laughed uproariously at a stupid little porny rhyme I wrote in it and I just KNOW I’m going to think it’s totally juvenile and unusable in the morning. Morning Chloe’s such a goddamn stick in the mud.
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    Well, today was just a big ball of shit. Here’s to tomorrow being super awesome for the sake of homeostasis.
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    I’ll apologise the day y’all reach infinity.
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    Okay… so: I object to having it inferred that I don’t know the difference between fiction and reality. I do. I may at times describe myself as a hobbit, but on official documentation, I tend to go with British, or human if they ask for it (they usually don’t). I object to being expected to feel some kind of additional shame for sexual writing, because frankly, bollocks to that. As someone who has written dark things, and some spectacularly dark themes on despair, I consider that portion of my work falls into the horror/erotica genre, which is perfectly acceptable. While I write fanfiction, a lot of authors who write original fiction have made a lot of money out of that genre. It’s popular enough. No doubt there are people in my life who would be shocked at some of the things I’ve written. Just because I can touch them, doesn’t make a difference. Don’t like, don’t read still applies in their case. I have no intention of changing anything about myself merely for the sake/comfort/enjoyment of others. Ever. Frankly, bollocks to that too. Life is too short for that nonsense. As to you, OP (ForgetMeNaught), I have no idea what you wrote, or of your problems, then or now. I would simply ask that you do not include others in them. You may have changed your mind on what is acceptable, and you are free to do so, but your change in opinion does not mean you should come here and accuse this community of being sordid, distasteful and reprehensible. Nor should you come here and urge others in this community to stop enjoying their activities here. Your issues are your own. I wish the best of luck with them. That is all.
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    The original poster was the member known as ForgetMeNaught. The accounts have been removed from both the archive and the forum, along with any posted stories. ::takes off moderator hat and puts it aside:: As an author, I have to agree entirely with @Desiderius Price on this. Fiction is exactly that: fiction. What I write is not reflective of my life, or my beliefs, or my personal desires. I can, like the vast majority of writers, tell the difference between the imaginary worlds I create, and the reality in which I live. Stephen King is a genuinely nice guy in real life. I had a friend who lived on his street, so that is not conjecture, but rather a factual statement. (Not to mention his corgi, who is known as the Thing of Evil… ) The people I love all know what I write, and to be extremely blunt, I don’t write porn. It’s not about the sex, but I don’t always fade to black when sex happens. If people find that upsetting, they are more than free to pass over my work, here and as published. Seriously. I don’t expect everyone to buy my books, and fawn over me (like the rather promiscuous James Patterson, who is the biggest review whore on the planet). And to be honest, this reminds me of when a bartender I knew decided to go on the wagon, and would lecture me about having a drink while pouring me a double shot when I’d asked for a light drink. It was even more annoying than when he quit smoking, and would lecture me about that habit as well. I’m an adult, and I am responsible for my own life, and own decisions
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    I agree, wasnt too sure what to make of this but after the 5th time reading it (Yes I did) because something felt off, it sounds like to me that someone has high opinions about things and feels they are icky and sick, well guess what buttercup, thats the real world. So you told someone it was ok to do bad things ….. your a dick, even if you told them to do good things, its still their choice to or not to do it. Fiction is just that, fiction, its not real but can use real world things in any number of ways. Its up to the reader/viewer to understand that it is just a story/show/game, if you can not tell the difference, you need to have your head examined. Frankenstein, Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, The three billy goats gruff, all just stories I have a story that is and will involve torture, does not mean I want people to suffer from it or to do it myself, its all about plot and story, if anything in a story makes your skin crawl, and its that kind of a story, good job. if its something simple and just a life style thing or what have you, thats too bad. there is nothing wrong with making content that is shocking, dismaying, hurtful, appalling, or outrageous. once a pon a time, it was seen as scandalous if a woman showed her ankles, look at the world now. if you are emulating something from a movie that is hurtful to people or yourself, physically or mentally, yeah get help, but if its just the narrow minded views of someone else, the world will eat them for lunch.
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    I know. Makes me realize that I’m getting too freaking old. The thought of half the stuff I loved as a kid being complete unknowns to younger people these days happens to be a constant heartbreak for me too. Times are changing I suppose, and brilliance in art has shifted with the turning tides. But, it was still a lot of fun to read as Dr. Who got drug into the mix and so forth. A very fun type of comic strip that I hope will remain with all of us for a long time to come.
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    Every so often my muse and I get along and I can write for a while. Other times, the muse might as well be the sun shining through the blinds while I’m trying to sleep after a sleepless insomniac night. “Go away. We’ll play later!” If only inspiration didn’t have a habit of hitting me right when I’m dead tired and finally resolving to sleep for a while..
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    Ahhhh! It’s been seven years since I had to write a conclusion to a chaptered story. WTF I have no idea what to do with this conclusion lol. Now I’m all excited and proud and nervous and frustrated all at once, so I’m just gonna scream again, kay? AHHHH!
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    But we all do kinda want to hear about the Christmas party where they got really drunk, mind. I can’t believe how old it is now. Another five years and AFF’ll have users who weren’t born when it was created.
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    I’d say I mostly hate Mary Sue because of the eyes. Yup. Them eyes.
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    Have to admit I was wondering about the sudden surge in comments on years old topics, but I’m guessing the debate still rages today, and it’s every bit as relevant. A web comic about Sue: http://interrobangstudios.com/comics-display.php?strip_id=989 I try to avoid Sues myself (maybe name a non-sue OC as Sue….?) However, if Sue is what floats a particular author, gets ‘em writing, gives them experience to then go back and judge, that’s okay too, because we all have to start somewhere and we’ll all make mistakes (unless the byline is Mary Sue...she’ll get it perfect the first time).
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    Wow! A lot of insights on these Mary/Marty Sue characters, the good, the bad, and the ugly so to speak. I don’t judge those who use these types of characters, however, personally, I don’t use them (based on the definition I understand them to be) but I totally and completely get the concept that type of writing provides, regardless of the genre, it is a personal expression and should be viewed as such. I'm just now getting back into writing after about a 20-25 year break, it's amazing to me that Fan-Fiction has actually been around that long, but then again not! I think it's important to remember that there is an audience for every type or style of writing, even for the ‘out of this world, totally perfect’ non-canon characters. Some readers are simply looking for an escape so to speak from the normal routine of a particular storyline, these characters do that for them and it’s a good thing! It won’t and shouldn’t blow their minds so speak about the original storyline. I compare it to my choice of genre and accept the fact that there are some (a lot of) people that are offended by graphically described sexual acts whether they are normal (if there is such a thing) or blatant erotica and that that entails. I love being the antagonist, I don’t want some superhero coming in to save the day or a bumbling idiot for the sake of humor. It’s just a personal choice, but I tend to do enormous amounts of research when it comes to canon characters and I do my best (in my opinion) to maintain some form of continuity to that character. With that being said, when I choose to create a new character from the ground up, all that research is heavily relied on in an effort to make them fit into the world I’m writing. For example, my current (and forever shall be) obsession is Tolkien, so I resort to my membership in various Tolkien Societies to create these ‘new’ characters so they will fit in. Every character has their own bio-sheet that describes everything about them, some are several pages long depending on what role they are to play in the story. I have about seven personally created characters in my overall cast for the Hobbit/LOTR. Introducing them to canon characters can sometimes be difficult if I intend to run some form of a parallel path with the original authors' ideology. Beyond the fact that I completely adore Tolkiens’ works, I think the gaps in time, the abundance of unknowns, and the general ‘left undone’ and missing parts of his works leave a lot of room for Fan-Fiction creativity. There’s always an interesting side story to tell (evil grin). Respectfully speaking, I am not judging anyone regardless of their use or non-use of these types of characters. In another site, I still belong to (because they have great resources), these types of characters are forbidden which I think is wrong. It is now strictly a Hobbit/LOTR site and the admins are getting pretty picking if you get ‘too far out of line’ (in their opinion) with canon characters. No writer should be limited in their creativity as long as there is an audience that is reading their work. Thanks for reading, it’s just another point of view.
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    The power to make vegetarians run away in horror but then on the flip side, you’d mesmerize the meat eaters and that would probably give you mind control powers.
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    I fell in love with words when I was small. My parents told me I loved to use big words, and I actually can’t remember learning to read. It just happened, I think. The symbols made sense. So, because I love words, I decided to try writing, and I was gods-awful. I mean, really, truly dreadful. But I loved it. Real life kicked into gear, there was work and being an adult, and then… I played a CRPG, and I hated the plot holes. I’d played earlier games in the same ‘verse, loved them, but this one? Craters in the plot. So I started to read fan fiction which tried to fix those holes, and fill in the blanks, and one day, I decided to write a fan fiction of my own. It was dreadful, really, but one reader asked, “What happened next?” and that was it. I still love fan fiction. I do. I always will. I write original works now, but there are those fandoms that will always feel like home for me, and I will never be ashamed of writing fan fiction. There is a distinct art, a skill in taking someone else’s world and asking “What if…?”
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    I write because its fun. In a weird sorta way. Its like I’m putting symbols together and those symbols enable communication to other minds. Other intelligences with different perspectives and different thoughts. Its frightening and exhilarating. These sigils of mine are communing with others that I may never get to met and if I’m lucky will do so long after I’m gone. So I guess in a sense. When I write I’m praying. I mean hell Grand Inquistion started on here and somehow became a blend of sci-fi and high fantasy with a male couple. The world maybe isn’t ready for such a thing. But ya know what? I’m going to try anyway.
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    By ‘the odd one or two’ I totally just meant you and me, DP.
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    I say, we get together, trap this ugly motherless chrak'tova (I am definitely going to start using Straxi in life now, just to get weird looks...) and send it and RL into the sun... Kill it! Kill it with fire!
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    That Outline: So KYBCLM are out in the snow. All semi naked and shit. There were more of them originally, but giggles cause avalanches. They toss a few snowballs and talk about the innate sexiness of frostbitten labia. Or whatever the point of the specific fetish is. Is that right? A solid six or seven minutes in which their skin begins to take on lovely blue tones. Wind chill’s minus 30 or so. Numbness begins to spread. They stumble inside and get hit with pins and needles as nerve endings start getting blood supply in surrounding tissue. Groans, moans, squeals. The odd detaching extremity. Then, play time. Out comes the Trivial Persuit. Kim wins because she’s like the best. [/Scene]
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    And… I’m back home! Two CT scans later, after a panic by the doctors where they thought I didn’t have appendicitis, but instead a much more serious inflammation ofthe main artery that supplies blood to my legs (scary), they’ve finally settled on a painful disease that isn’t life threatening (or at least, not yet). I’ve been knocked out with morphine and codeine and shoved full of antibiotics. What a performance. While I was there, I discovered why I never write longhand. I love my computer. Thank you for all your well wishes, everyone. Most appreciated, even if I did have a load of trouble getting online whilst I was there. Normal service shall now be resumed. After a good night’s kip. And a decent cup of coffee. And a couple of days rest, probably. And a shower to get this horrible hospital smell off of me.
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    Do I get brownie points for not plunging a fountain pen through someone’s carotid artery at a budget committee meeting?
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    Pippychick, if I end up writing a story called “Terms of Service,” it’s gonna be your fault.
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    Someone moves into a new house. While waiting for their new wifi to be set up, they can’t help noticing that alongside all of their new neighbours’ locked wifi connections, there is an open connection with an innocent title. Maybe it calls itself “Free Wifi” or something. Maybe the person ignores it at first. So it gets creative. It changes its tag. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? (OPEN) JOIN THIS NETWORK (OPEN) WHILE YOU’RE WAITING FOR YOUR OWN WIFI TO BE SET UP (OPEN) Maybe it starts calling the person by name. Until, eventually, overcome and doomed by their own curiosity, they connect. What do they expect? The world to fall down? Did they use that less valuable laptop? The old one? You know the one, the one that it doesn’t matter if it gets compromised somehow? The one they never use for banking? Does it matter? They’re online. They can do all the usual things they do while online. They can read the news, go on twitter, talk to friends. They can view pornography. They can post any old filth that they want. Perhaps it’s surprising how quickly they trust this new connection, having run a couple of virus checkers and malware programs. There’s really nothing wrong with it. Maybe there’s something wrong with them. Possibly, they never actually made it to their new house, and their newly freed soul got lost somewhere on the way to the next place. The choices they make and the spaces they visit would determine which place that would be; heaven or hell. Obviously, I’m imagining it would be a lot more fun for the MC to be damned by themselves, but you could go the other way. It’s a microcosm (in a story) of the whole ‘free will’ thing, so you could make it as philosophical as you want, as satirical as you want, and clearly there’d be lots of lovely temptation going on left, right and centre that you could play with.
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    Some prompts: The last Angel in a universe abandoned by god and overrun by demons goes on a quest to find a really good taco stand and falls in love with the woman running it. ** A woman finds using Tinder finds herself. She gets in contact thinking it is someone pretending to be her, and discovers it’s connected to a parallel universe. She has phone sex with herself. ** A redheaded witch gets gangbanged by… wait, no fanfiction. And it’s not my prompt anyway. ** The (fictional) world’s shortest woman meets the world’s tallest man at a world record event and has sex somehow. They’d probably need lube. ** A nerd goes to fuck his mom’s vacuum cleaner. When he kisses it, it turns out to have been an elven princess under a curse. She mocks him for trying to fuck a vacuum cleaner and then fucks his sister. ** A Dwarf, an Elf and an Amazonian warrior walk into a strip club. ** A woman with vagina dentata meets a man with a regenerating penis. ** Man picks a woman up in a bar and she turns out to be an IRS Agent. ** A woman can only come in haiku. ** A man and/or woman engages in some form of sexual contact with a man and/or woman. ** A werewolf accidently gets knotted into a glory hole. ** The spirit of Lake Chaubunagungamaug has sex with the first person in history not to laugh at her name.
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    hi everyone, sorry about going off the grid but kinda been in areas without internet and we decided to interact with each other this summer and not online. We had an amazing adventure with the family, building good memories as Steve puts it. I gotta admit he sure as hell knows how to build memories LOL. Well he’s letting everyone know that everyone is doing good, even Steve. He’s had a few days but all in all he is doing very well, his doctors are very pleased and so are we. Kids are back in school, but I decided to retire. I miss teaching but I wanna spend as much time with Steve as I can, I know its selfish but I don’t care. I’ve decided that sometimes its good to be shallow and self serving as for writing, sorry but we haven’t written a word all summer, we meant to but just never seemed to find the time, and I actually think that was a good thing But now that we are home, and things get more into our normal routine, we should start writing again. Sorry about the abandonment but I gotta put my guy and my family first.
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    I use a publisher, because I am exceedingly untalented as an artist, and because I know I need an editor, and a proofreader, and all that jazz. But my first publisher was all about self-marketing. I like Twitter, because you can schedule a tweet and have it released weekly, or daily if you’re at release time. Facebook is great for launch parties, and I did a Rafflecopter giveaway thing, and all sorts of fun stuff. If you have a blog, blog about it and link the blog to other places, like an Amazon author page (free) or a Goodreads page (now owned by Amazon, but they pretend to be separate). As far as where to sell it, even if for free, I would strongly advise not to have anything to do with Kindle Unlimited. Keep your options open, so you can distribute your work on other sites, like Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, or via your blog itself, if you’re so inclined. KU will restrict you to only their service, and when you decide to offer something for money, they have a very odd algorithm to determine how much you earn, one which is not fair to the authors in my opinion. Kindle itself is fine, but Kindle Unlimited is not.
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    Yeah, summaries are tricky things. Ideally, you’d know the audience well where you’re posting or publishing. Or at least have an idea of the general demographic you want reading your story so you can play to them. Like, posting on an erotica site, you probably want to stress the erotica side of your story. But in general, as @Tcr (and @BronxWench?) said, make sure the summary describes something you want to read. Don’t focus on telling the passersby everything you think is important about the plot or the characters. They don’t need to know everything. They just need to know whether they wanna bother clicking on it. Pick out the most interesting points to draw them in. Touch on the romance (If there is any) and the main character’s conflict. I say the main character’s conflict rather than the main conflict of the plot because I tend to be attracted to summaries that are more personal. More character focused. What the elven warrior is struggling with will draw me in quicker than a world in peril, if that makes any sense. That’s how I try to think about it, but it’s by no means a one-size-fits-all thing.
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    Well, I have the same problem with regards to my own, so I do understand. Not going to lie, even with the advice from the thread I started a while back, it’s still a hard thing for me to do. But, some of the advice has helped. I’ve been working on trying to pick out important parts from the actual story and develop them into a workable summary. For example, if your story is about intergalactic space pirates who raid the wrong colony and are consequently hunted because of it, it could, for example, read something like: One wrong decision. A raid on the wrong colony leads to the crew of the Fortune in possession of a weapon of mass destruction. Capable of destroying any planet in the known universe, Captain Shey Charlton must resist the urge to play God while the Fortune has to outrun the entire might of a galaxy united, hunting them to the ends of the universe and back to reclaim it. But each side of the allied forces have their own dark plans. And the only ones in their paths are the unscrupulous raiders. (...Damn, now I have another plot in my head that won’t go away… lol) I believe it was BW who said that the summary should interest you and make you want to read it as you, yourself, are the one you need to sell it first (paraphrasing of course... And if I messed up the paraphrasing, that’s on me).
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    To the original poster, Having seen people just vanish, this announcement, in the least, will be around for when others come asking. Your statement is a rather broad statement, implying that people are incapable of distinguishing fiction vs reality. That you carried fiction into reality when you shouldn’t have, I do wish you learn from this, but your overall reaction seems a bit of a knee jerk. If you’re implying what I think you’re implying, that you become what you write/read, then I should be highly suspect of all Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes fans as very shady people. We all have somebody around us who’s on that end of the spectrum where even we try to be “family friendly”, they’d find our work to be irreprehensible. The only way to avoid that is to simply not write, not create, and the world would be a much duller place.
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    Well, first time for everything. Here's to the first non-Original story I've done in a long time and first I've posted on here...
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    ... How to tell when you'retoo tired to actually post a new chapter on here? When you add the chapter to a oneshot and don't even realize it until you're actually awake again... You win this round, exhaustion, you win this round… On a positive note, it's all corrected... I hope...
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    In the end, that’s a good reason, better than money (for those lucky few).
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    I felt a bit cheated, with the movies, I mean, with the Hobbit at three, then certainly the LoTR could’ve been six, or even nine! Imagine, the scouring of the shire, a nice little short story by itself, could’ve made it in.
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    I kinda prefer my characters to be undressed… but that’s me. And, if it takes multiple paragraphs, that’s fine I did write one scene, though, where it was a couple doing a reverse strip tease, getting dressed from nakedness, but that was more about how they didn’t really want to get dressed.
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    My boxes arrived from Japan today! Took less than two months, while I thought it would take more like three But still… eight boxes of stuff… mother says I have too much crap.
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    I find AFF forums/chat to be a good repellent to those demons. I’ve tried loads of garlic, but that just offends the co-workers.
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    It's fun and inexpensive (compared to one of my other hobbies where it's easy to burn through/ruin thousands of dollars in seconds)
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    When I started writing it was because I had a story to tell, I had no idea it would be one that would sell. Now, I write because I can, because I like to, because it’s the one thing I can do that’s just for me, because Tahn likes my stories even if no one else does, because there are still stories to be told, and lastly and least important to me right now, because my publisher wants another book. I think there are as many reasons for people to write as there are people who write. No one has the exact same motivations or things that drive them to put words on paper and saying there are only two is being very narrow minded about it.
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    So, the answer to avoid a multi-chapter halloween fic is to add in a well placed flashback. Seems to do the trick, summarizing the mood (with a nice bonus of not having to add in the minor1 tag).