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    It’s a good day when you get a first look at the cover art for your book, and it’s completely amazing!
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    The wee corgi is home! She’s a little bit stoned on meds, but she’s home, and I’m so glad to have her here!
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    I have cover art! NineStar Press is republishing my Witch’s Apprentice series, and Ghost’s Sight, the first book, has cover art. I’m really excited, and I can’t wait for the release date!
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    Keep your fingers crossed for me, looks like I actually get a day off Thursday!
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    Yes and no. Pictures can only be uploaded to the Art Room forum – which is member’s only access – and then only of the drawn or digital variety; i.e., no photographs of real people. And no photo manipulations of any kind. Any pictures uploaded to any other forums will be deleted. Also, no pornographic pictures beyond mild nudity will be allowed to be used in your Signature, Cover Photo or Profile Picture. So, why have we decided to do this? Well, firstly, this site always has been and always will be primarily about written smut, not smutty pictures. But perhaps the main reason is that different countries have different laws about what’s illegal visually and what isn’t, and we want to make it as difficult as possible for people to accidentally stumble on pictures that would be considered illegal in their country. Outside of the Art Room forum, you can provide a link to a picture hosted elsewhere, as long as there’s a clear description of what the picture is of, and do not use any link that means the picture is downloaded to their computer as soon as someone clicks on the link; it has to be a picture that is viewable without needing to be downloaded first. This is to ensure no one tries to force a virus or anything else unsavoury onto an unsuspecting person. Any link not meeting these requirements will be removed and the member warned. If you’re unsure whether or not a picture you have uploaded to your profile or signature is acceptable then please don’t hesitate to ask a moderator.
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    Have a great independence day, my unfortunate neighbours South of the border! just close your eyes and imagine you have Idris elba or bernie Sanders or whatever your particular flavor of politics is as president for the day.
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    Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my Neko-baby, Willow Darkling!
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    Alright, so, as the title says, does a lack of feedback affect your stories? (Ie while you’re writing, does the lack of feedback make you change things, doubt things, et cetera, et cetera? And vice versa, does a lot of feedback affect you? Do you change things that you probably wouldn’t have based upon those words?) This is probably a question that’s been asked before, don’t throw the pineapples (they kind of hurt), but… As for me, so far I’d say not really (in terms of changing things that otherwise wouldn’t have been). The lack of feedback on a lot of mine does make me question certain decisions, as I’m sure everyone does when faced with that same thing… For example, I know people are reading them (...unless they’re accidentally clicking into it and getting out of there as fast as possible… I’m going with the former, though), but lately I’ve been debating the… slow burn of one of them… Introducing and trying to create likeable characters that everyone wants to see survive through with the interactions that ring true necessitated the long fuse to the dynamite, and it’s been making me question that length. I’m sure everyone has something like that.
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    So, why do “family friendly” places get so upset when you try to create a family there?
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    Absolutely, lack of feedback makes me change stuff! Sometimes the change is as simple as pulling the story. Sometimes it gets more complicated as I attempt to read the minds of readers to figure out what the problem was. And seeing as how I’m a pretty shitty psychic, I end up changing a lot of things in a panic until the story is unrecognizable or just not what I wanted to begin with soooo either way it’s usually a terrible decision on my part lol. But doubt does that to me. Makes me make terrible decisions.
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    Writing a summary/blurb

    “Stop scrolling! Are you ready to read the best story you’ve ever read? Great! You can read this piece of shit until you find it. Rape, snuff, MAGA”.
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    Spent 45 minutes hanging out under a bridge today. Note to self: Check the friggin’ forecast before you decide to take your bike to work.
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    New phones always fall on the first day. It’s a universal law. It’s motherfriggin science. If you got a new phone and it didn’t drop the first day, then you’re a witch and you need to stop cheating because it’s not fair.
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    Lakeside picnic with mum on a sunny 25C winter’s day. Not a bad day.
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    My cat found a christmas bow. Like the kind you stick on presents. I have no idea where he found it. He’s not an outdoor cat. Our christmas stuff is packed away in the attic only accessible through a closed off staircase in a closed off closet that he has no way of getting into… and he’s been playing with it nonstop for three days.
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    So…. I haz BA degree in English, now…
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    Today shall be my first day of work as a CNA! I don't count the orientation day because that was just watching a few videos and filling out a bit of paperwork. Anyhow, I'm very over the moon to start in a few hours. It's an eight hour shift, from 2PM to 10PM. I can hardly wait to start getting to know the residents and my coworkers.
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    I am back from my travels. I wasn’t sure we’d get off at all, since my mother had a gallstone attack (requiring an ambulance and hospital admission in the hours before we were due to set off), but happily they eventually gave her the all clear. Do NOT get me started on my aunt, who swanned off to the pub while I went in the ambulance, despite the fact that it was quite serious at that point. And we weren’t even packed. So when we were home, I got zero sleep. But… I got there, and I got to see some good dancers, listened to some great singers, and I got dressed up as a pirate for Whitby Abbey to see a shortish play based on Dracula, and lots of people took pictures of me, which means I probably did it right (or alternatively, very wrong). Internet evidence to the contrary should be kept to yourselves, please. I visited some castles. I stared at the sea, in the rain, in the hours before dawn, because I’m kind of weird like that, and because I hadn’t even had chance to look at the sea all week until that last morning when it was raining. But mostly because I’m a smoker, and it was either stare at the sea or just stand about outside the hotel looking at the wet road. I chose the sea. I might be back at work on Monday. I really can’t recall if booked the day off. I’ll need to find out before then.
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    I’m awake again. So, earlier in the Asda, I was just innocently shopping, and this really tall blonde woman walked by me. Then kind of stopped, and looked down at little hobbit me, and smiled. My heart didn’t jump, it did some kind of strange figure eight move. She even had the short hair and everything. Not that I’m saying this was a Brienne lookalike. No. This was definitely a Gwendoline Christie lookalike. Though about ten or fifteen years younger. I don’t object to this at all. I believe in my narrative wholeheartedly. Gwendoline Christie has to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. And Brienne is beautiful too, no matter what Martin might say. To those two right now she is. That’s okay. What I do object to, is getting to the checkout, and finding myself looking around for ‘the big woman’ just in case she was there so that I could look at her again. It’s not as if I’ve even written that much of Tormund’s pov, ffs. :/ I swear, this story… *sighs*
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    Desiderius Price

    Why do you write?

    Yep, that’s why I still do it, I enjoy it. It took me dabbling in fanfiction to realize that I do love it, because I had believed my mother’s discouraging words before that (don’t confuse intent with effect here, she still thinks I don’t like writing, because, I’m definitely not showing her what I’ve been writing here!). Of course, now that I’ve got the halloween story into the hands of my beta, I’m starting to work up another story
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    Desiderius Price

    Why do you write?

    Only one or two? I thought this place was filled with nutjobs! Myself included.
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    Why do you write?

    I should probably reply to this thread when I’m not having one of those ridiculous crises of confidence that strikes every so often… but let’s pretend I’m not. So here goes: I think the two reasons mentioned in the article are a load of claptrap. It might apply to novel writers, but it certainly doesn’t to fanfiction authors, who can’t sell what they write, so therefore the second reason can never apply. As for the first, I don’t think many of us start writing (original or fanfiction) with a fully formed story in our heads. I think it comes to us during the process. Why do I write? Getting down to the nuts and bolts. I love the language. I like words, and I like playing around with them. I’m not educated, so I don’t always know the correct terms, but I know more or less what I’m doing. Also, despite the crisis mentioned above, I suspect I’m actually quite good at it, unlike, say… football. So I write. And I don’t play football. I like writing casually, sure. I also like writing less casually. I like writing where I take my time over word choices and put a lot of effort into building and maintaining a specific atmosphere. The horror story I wrote for JayDee is an example of that. There’s lots of water-based description going on there that happens when I’m describing ordinary things. i.e. her hope bubbled up in her. The S&M story The Hook I adored writing, because of the atmosphere of despair in it. Fanfiction is an art in and of itself. Lots of people who hate fanfiction will disagree with me here, and they’re free to, but I won’t change my mind. Let’s imagine I’m my usual confident self for one moment. I’ve now got years of fanfiction writing experience behind me. I’ve written in a lot of different fandoms. There’s a slightly different art to writing fanfiction for a literary medium, to writing for a visual canon, like a film or tv series. The echoes you need to include are different. At this point, I’m like a master art forger who can knock out a fairly credible da Vinci, but can’t paint for themselves. I’m not less of an artist. I still haven’t found that key that makes the original work sparkle in my head the same way as the fanfiction does, but if I ever do, I probably won’t look back. In that case, the second reason will probably seem to apply. But it won’t be the first why and wherefore. It won’t be the driving force. That is and will always be the need to play about with words, to use them to create a feeling, or an atmosphere, or to say something that can’t really be put into words, only alluded to by way of a story. If we could say these things out loud just like that, we’d never have made stories. Stories grant us power we don’t otherwise have. It’s a good feeling, even if you tend to write rather awful things. Ok… can I go back now? *huddles back under rock*
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    Writing an outdoor winter scene

    This is entirely unhelpful, but I was reminded of my college days when I was waiting tables in a bistro. We had a cat (in utter violation of the regs, but the rats were a bigger violation, and the cat kept those away) and she had a habit of wandering into the walk-in refrigerators. The headwaiter posted signs for us: “Don’t lock the cat in the walk-in. Cold pussy doesn’t do anyone any good.”
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    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ newbie writer here. i’m an artist and will probably lurk more than post, but figured i’d say hi, so... ~ HI!
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    Having broken the $10 mark on BN.com, I can officially add "Paid author" to the resume. I think, technically, this puts me at Z list status. Y status here we come!