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    Keep your fingers crossed for me, looks like I actually get a day off Thursday!
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    Alright, so, as the title says, does a lack of feedback affect your stories? (Ie while you’re writing, does the lack of feedback make you change things, doubt things, et cetera, et cetera? And vice versa, does a lot of feedback affect you? Do you change things that you probably wouldn’t have based upon those words?) This is probably a question that’s been asked before, don’t throw the pineapples (they kind of hurt), but… As for me, so far I’d say not really (in terms of changing things that otherwise wouldn’t have been). The lack of feedback on a lot of mine does make me question certain decisions, as I’m sure everyone does when faced with that same thing… For example, I know people are reading them (...unless they’re accidentally clicking into it and getting out of there as fast as possible… I’m going with the former, though), but lately I’ve been debating the… slow burn of one of them… Introducing and trying to create likeable characters that everyone wants to see survive through with the interactions that ring true necessitated the long fuse to the dynamite, and it’s been making me question that length. I’m sure everyone has something like that.
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    I actually changed a story I was publishing because my editor thought it needed some things to make it more, I don’t know, appealing, or relevant, or engaging. I forget the word exactly. But the changes never felt right to me, and now that the book’s been accepted for republication, I went back and deleted all the stuff I added at that editor’s urging. The thing is, I never really got feedback from readers non this book, so I have no real idea if they liked those bits or hated them, but I’m much happier with the manuscript without them, so… I’m taking a deep breath and going with my gut.
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    Absolutely, lack of feedback makes me change stuff! Sometimes the change is as simple as pulling the story. Sometimes it gets more complicated as I attempt to read the minds of readers to figure out what the problem was. And seeing as how I’m a pretty shitty psychic, I end up changing a lot of things in a panic until the story is unrecognizable or just not what I wanted to begin with soooo either way it’s usually a terrible decision on my part lol. But doubt does that to me. Makes me make terrible decisions.
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    Yes and no. Pictures can only be uploaded to the Art Room forum – which is member’s only access – and then only of the drawn or digital variety; i.e., no photographs of real people. And no photo manipulations of any kind. Any pictures uploaded to any other forums will be deleted. Also, no pornographic pictures beyond mild nudity will be allowed to be used in your Signature, Cover Photo or Profile Picture. So, why have we decided to do this? Well, firstly, this site always has been and always will be primarily about written smut, not smutty pictures. But perhaps the main reason is that different countries have different laws about what’s illegal visually and what isn’t, and we want to make it as difficult as possible for people to accidentally stumble on pictures that would be considered illegal in their country. Outside of the Art Room forum, you can provide a link to a picture hosted elsewhere, as long as there’s a clear description of what the picture is of, and do not use any link that means the picture is downloaded to their computer as soon as someone clicks on the link; it has to be a picture that is viewable without needing to be downloaded first. This is to ensure no one tries to force a virus or anything else unsavoury onto an unsuspecting person. Any link not meeting these requirements will be removed and the member warned. If you’re unsure whether or not a picture you have uploaded to your profile or signature is acceptable then please don’t hesitate to ask a moderator.
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    Writing a summary/blurb

    “Stop scrolling! Are you ready to read the best story you’ve ever read? Great! You can read this piece of shit until you find it. Rape, snuff, MAGA”.
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    How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    “Taste the brainbow!”
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    How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    Arghh! *unhooks the phone, puts the chain on the door, severs the internet* … *...sighs and turns the modem back on again* You did? *sidles closer* Whisper it to me…? *pulls back* Wow… that bad, huh? Seriously, though… playing aside, I hope you will finish it, no matter how long we have to wait. *throws some inspiration confetti at you*
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    I have been assimilated into the world of the bespectacled. Huzzah! And… You know what? I think I like it.
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    Today shall be my first day of work as a CNA! I don't count the orientation day because that was just watching a few videos and filling out a bit of paperwork. Anyhow, I'm very over the moon to start in a few hours. It's an eight hour shift, from 2PM to 10PM. I can hardly wait to start getting to know the residents and my coworkers.
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    When you lose interest...

    I also believe a story should not be removed for almost any reason. I have revised, and replaced a chapter at a time as I revised. I don’t think block is enough of a reason, even for blocked stories, because usually I just need one interested person to ask a question to help break the block. (why betas and writing buddies are invaluable) Murphy’s law says I’d pull it down exactly when someone is excited and partway through. One of the best reasons to leave it up is because it is a high when someone comments on a very old story.
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    There’s a very strange correlation I’ve noticed over the years when it comes to reading on a free archive. Unless you make it almost stupidly easy and nearly unavoidable to leave feedback, readers won’t bother. I’m going to hazard a few guesses as to why. First, I think most readers don’t really know what sort of feedback to leave. They see writers grumbling about the “Loved it! Write more!” reviews which don’t offer the writer a clue as to what the reader loved about a story, or chapter, but at least affirm someone read it and liked it. Second, it could be where and/or when the reader is reading your work. On the way to work? Right before bed? Maybe it’s not a good time to leave a comment, and the reader plans to come back later and review, and… I am personally guilty of this one. Third, the Review [insert story name] link is at the bottom of each chapter, but it’s small, and easily missed. It’s also frequently confused with the Report Story link, as I can attest based on the number of reviews I get in the guise of abuse reports. And yes, I do ask the reporter to leave the comment as a review for the author, but I can’t do it myself, sadly. And finally, people like quick buttons. The “Like” buttons on FB and Twitter have conditioned people to want to be able to just leave that instant feedback. It’s fast and requires no thought. We had a ratings feature here, but because it was scaled, it was abused more often than it should have been by readers voting down a story because it wasn’t the One True Ship, or other nonsense. I personally would be fine with a button which only records a “like” or “recommend” on a story. If you don’t like it, there’s no option for abuse. You simply don’t click. One factor I don’t think really matters is the notion of allowing anonymous reviews. It’s an account-wide choice here, so you can’t cherry-pick which stories on which to allow anon reviews. Allowing them opens you to trolls and flamers, and disallowing them discourages readers who aren’t logged in, or who might not even have archive profiles. But I think it is probably the least relevant factor in getting feedback.
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    I have no problem with “self-publishing.” It also used to be called “vanity publishing,” and for good reason. While I might possibly go that route, or at least won’t refuse to do so, I will NOT publish anything where money is involved without a DAMN GOOD editor getting my work up to it’s best. If I were to submit a work to a literary agency, publishing house, etc; I would have it edited FIRST just to have a “fighting chance” with THEIR editors. I don’t currently have a “beta reader,” but that is more by happenstance than choice. And, I’m still chasing the occasional missed word, doubled punctuation, and so on. Which gets back to the original point of the thread, I suppose. Quality feedback is important, especially on a site like this.
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    I’m going to be the fly in the ointment here, and comment on the notion of skipping an editor when self publishing. Unless you are supremely confident you can catch POV shifts, and have buttoned every thread up, unless you know you haven’t slipped in the chronology, and events take place in a reasonable/explainable span of time, unless you are self-aware enough to pick up on repetitive phrasing and overuse of certain words and phrases, you need an editor. (I tend to be vague about time lapses, and I’m insanely obstinate about abusing certain words myself. I try to make it up to my editor by being quick to turn around the comments, and not whine a lot about the work I need to do to fix my mess. ) I like to check out new authors, and I do a lot of poking about on blogs and review sites, where I can see a bit of an excerpt. I might be captured by a summary, but when I read the excerpt, if I hit that wall because even in those roughly 500 words I encounter sloppy editing, I don’t buy that book. Why? Because sometimes the poor editing is enough to take me out of the story, and I wind up wanting to leave the author a review begging them to pull the book, and have it edited as a mercy to readers. I’m far less forgiving when I’m asked to pay for work that hasn’t seen a beta reader, much less an editor and proofreader. It’s unprofessional, and it’s sloppy to put a book out there, ask for my money, and give me something that looks like a first draft of a manuscript. I can read better here for free, thank you. The preponderance of us in this thread write original work, which is why I’m sort of focusing on this. Self publishing is not a bad thing, but having a bad review or sharp concrit here is one thing. Having it happen on Amazon is crushing for authors who could be really good, with some editing and polishing.
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    Well, at least he made his reasons for leaving clear so all his readers don’t have to wonder? Of course, he also made unfounded judgements and claims about everyone on this site. People he’s never met. I dunno why I’m saying he, maybe it was a woman, or somewhere in between; I’m not sure that matters. I’m not really offended by it, I’m just baffled and incredulous, because of how fricking presumptuous their rant was. In my case, yes, my family would be shamed if they found out what I write. My family is made up of seventh day adventists and uber catholics and bigots. They’d be ashamed of me if they knew I was a feminist, or if they knew I was pro-choice, or if they knew I didn’t believe in a cosmic hierarchy. Or even if they knew I didn’t completely hate the Canadian prime minister lol. The pro-choice thing would probably horrify them more than the writing smut thing. (My grandmother founded a pro-life movement in our area.) Writing smut and violence is healthy. Unless you’re a psychopath and what you’re writing is actually your personal memoirs about rape and cannibalism… It’s therapy. At least for me. It’s a way to vent. I hope y’all never feel ashamed of the depraved things you enjoy writing and reading. People on this site are a million times more creative and open-minded and kind and supportive than any of the anti-smut people I’ve known.
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    I am back from my travels. I wasn’t sure we’d get off at all, since my mother had a gallstone attack (requiring an ambulance and hospital admission in the hours before we were due to set off), but happily they eventually gave her the all clear. Do NOT get me started on my aunt, who swanned off to the pub while I went in the ambulance, despite the fact that it was quite serious at that point. And we weren’t even packed. So when we were home, I got zero sleep. But… I got there, and I got to see some good dancers, listened to some great singers, and I got dressed up as a pirate for Whitby Abbey to see a shortish play based on Dracula, and lots of people took pictures of me, which means I probably did it right (or alternatively, very wrong). Internet evidence to the contrary should be kept to yourselves, please. I visited some castles. I stared at the sea, in the rain, in the hours before dawn, because I’m kind of weird like that, and because I hadn’t even had chance to look at the sea all week until that last morning when it was raining. But mostly because I’m a smoker, and it was either stare at the sea or just stand about outside the hotel looking at the wet road. I chose the sea. I might be back at work on Monday. I really can’t recall if booked the day off. I’ll need to find out before then.
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    I’m awake again. So, earlier in the Asda, I was just innocently shopping, and this really tall blonde woman walked by me. Then kind of stopped, and looked down at little hobbit me, and smiled. My heart didn’t jump, it did some kind of strange figure eight move. She even had the short hair and everything. Not that I’m saying this was a Brienne lookalike. No. This was definitely a Gwendoline Christie lookalike. Though about ten or fifteen years younger. I don’t object to this at all. I believe in my narrative wholeheartedly. Gwendoline Christie has to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. And Brienne is beautiful too, no matter what Martin might say. To those two right now she is. That’s okay. What I do object to, is getting to the checkout, and finding myself looking around for ‘the big woman’ just in case she was there so that I could look at her again. It’s not as if I’ve even written that much of Tormund’s pov, ffs. :/ I swear, this story… *sighs*
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    Desiderius Price

    Why do you write?

    Yep, that’s why I still do it, I enjoy it. It took me dabbling in fanfiction to realize that I do love it, because I had believed my mother’s discouraging words before that (don’t confuse intent with effect here, she still thinks I don’t like writing, because, I’m definitely not showing her what I’ve been writing here!). Of course, now that I’ve got the halloween story into the hands of my beta, I’m starting to work up another story
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    Desiderius Price

    Why do you write?

    Only one or two? I thought this place was filled with nutjobs! Myself included.
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    Why do you write?

    I should probably reply to this thread when I’m not having one of those ridiculous crises of confidence that strikes every so often… but let’s pretend I’m not. So here goes: I think the two reasons mentioned in the article are a load of claptrap. It might apply to novel writers, but it certainly doesn’t to fanfiction authors, who can’t sell what they write, so therefore the second reason can never apply. As for the first, I don’t think many of us start writing (original or fanfiction) with a fully formed story in our heads. I think it comes to us during the process. Why do I write? Getting down to the nuts and bolts. I love the language. I like words, and I like playing around with them. I’m not educated, so I don’t always know the correct terms, but I know more or less what I’m doing. Also, despite the crisis mentioned above, I suspect I’m actually quite good at it, unlike, say… football. So I write. And I don’t play football. I like writing casually, sure. I also like writing less casually. I like writing where I take my time over word choices and put a lot of effort into building and maintaining a specific atmosphere. The horror story I wrote for JayDee is an example of that. There’s lots of water-based description going on there that happens when I’m describing ordinary things. i.e. her hope bubbled up in her. The S&M story The Hook I adored writing, because of the atmosphere of despair in it. Fanfiction is an art in and of itself. Lots of people who hate fanfiction will disagree with me here, and they’re free to, but I won’t change my mind. Let’s imagine I’m my usual confident self for one moment. I’ve now got years of fanfiction writing experience behind me. I’ve written in a lot of different fandoms. There’s a slightly different art to writing fanfiction for a literary medium, to writing for a visual canon, like a film or tv series. The echoes you need to include are different. At this point, I’m like a master art forger who can knock out a fairly credible da Vinci, but can’t paint for themselves. I’m not less of an artist. I still haven’t found that key that makes the original work sparkle in my head the same way as the fanfiction does, but if I ever do, I probably won’t look back. In that case, the second reason will probably seem to apply. But it won’t be the first why and wherefore. It won’t be the driving force. That is and will always be the need to play about with words, to use them to create a feeling, or an atmosphere, or to say something that can’t really be put into words, only alluded to by way of a story. If we could say these things out loud just like that, we’d never have made stories. Stories grant us power we don’t otherwise have. It’s a good feeling, even if you tend to write rather awful things. Ok… can I go back now? *huddles back under rock*
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    Writing an outdoor winter scene

    This is entirely unhelpful, but I was reminded of my college days when I was waiting tables in a bistro. We had a cat (in utter violation of the regs, but the rats were a bigger violation, and the cat kept those away) and she had a habit of wandering into the walk-in refrigerators. The headwaiter posted signs for us: “Don’t lock the cat in the walk-in. Cold pussy doesn’t do anyone any good.”
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    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ newbie writer here. i’m an artist and will probably lurk more than post, but figured i’d say hi, so... ~ HI!
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    Having broken the $10 mark on BN.com, I can officially add "Paid author" to the resume. I think, technically, this puts me at Z list status. Y status here we come!
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    On tags I've used by A Writer

    I started this for the thread Never Would I Ever Write this Tag… but realised it was increasingly off topic and derailing, and if I finish my thoughts on all the current tags it’d lead to wall-of-text breaks in the conversation there so started a new one to keep it in place. If you’ve got a tag you wouldn’t ever write, click the link and talk about it there! Meanwhile, my thoughts on tags I have written and other tags and general stuff from a writer’s perspective. If it belongs more in aimless babble or something then I hope one of the mods will be happy to move it (Thanks if so!): 3Plus - Yep, have written this. The more the merrier but it can be hard for less talented writers like myself to keep track of where things are at any given time. So, you've written a cock up an ass and then you write another cock up the same ass and then you've got either a cocktinuity error or double anal. ABDL - If I was back writing and there was a challenge that really engaged me I could see me doing a story with it, but it falls squarely in the "very specific fetish that doesn't arouse me so is hard to understand" catagory for me. I'm semi-surprised it's even popular enough to have had a tag while more common weird fetishes like sizeplay/shrinking/growth don't, but of course some of the tags were very different in the early years and it's grown and changed. Abortion - I have a story that would qualify for this warning tag ("Revenge of the Ravenclaw" -self abortion sort-of-blood-magic) but doesn't have it. I think it may have been brought in after the story was written, because I was always pretty hot on tagging anything triggering that had tags available. Could have missed it though. Definitely a tag that you want not because there's any kind of fetished/meant to be sexy content in it (certainly isn't in mine) but because of the importance of helping people avoid content that would disturb them. Incidentally, while I fully support that for porn I think it's fucking stupid in an academic context. Abuse - Have written. Have had characters get the shit abused out of them. And indeed into them, but that's later. AFFO - I've got some AFF exclusives! I think all of the Slumber Party stories are AFFO. You! is too. Ageplay - I don't remember exploring this kink, but you could have some fun with it. Yoda/Luke for example... I guess I'd take a crack sometime if I was writing again. Anal - Written it from both the rough hard violent angle and the gentle more fun loving angle. It has it's place. Angst - This is a hard one to get right. Fanfic writers do like to see their favorite characters summer emotional torments that can only finally be soothed away by a spot of anal. I think I have had some angsty characters, although my stories having PWP tendancies tend to reduce the options. Anthro - Yiff in hell furfags! You and all your anthro loving kind can... wait, what? I wrote what? Loving furry yaoi? Oh, yeah. Let me rephrase that. Anthro's great! Can't go wrong with a furry fuckfest. BDSM - Me? Write anything “Safe, sane and consensual”? Not in this lifetime. This is a tag that I feel gets misused. If a character is tied up and tortured and raped and hasn't given clear prior consent, limits, boundaries and the rest or got the option to withdraw consent at any time it's not BDSM but it still gets tagged as such. And joking aside, I did write a consensual BDSM scene one time I'm sure, with an Orc/Elf, but it was in the same story as earlier rape and such. Beast - Have written. It's fine in fantasy, abhorant in the real world. Got a few requests that made me smile. Although throwing out the word "Horsecock" just makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. I'm doing it right now. Giggle. Bi - I've written Bi encounters. Bi visibility is something that could definitely be improved in this world of ours. Possibily not through one of my fics though. Bigotry - Ahh, trigger warning time. Yeah, I've done it. Lot of bigoted characters in my fics, generally because if I was writing someone doing something horrible to someone else it was easier if they were not a nice person. My List part 2 http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/topic/66607-on-tags-ive-used-by-a-writer/?do=findComment&comment=414406 My List part 3 - http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/topic/66607-on-tags-ive-used-by-a-writer/?do=findComment&comment=414416
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    I find it helps, especially on making them different, otherwise, I’d likely make them all the same. (Though main characters in my stories develop a common liking to go around naked, maybe that says something about … me? )
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    Yeah but I gobbled them all up, so my head is whole again. Because that’s how it works.
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    How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    The more stories I try to write, the harder the character creation process seems to get! I don’t want them to sound too much like each other (and since I’m almost always writing in first person, differentiating protagonist povs makes me cry fr). Maybe I’ll try that! Daaaang @CloverReef just exploded into skittles somewhere… That’s actually really cool if you can manage them well, but I can imagine all of it getting really overwhelming really fast.
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    How Much Sex is too Much Sex?

    Too much sex? Such a thing cannot be.
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    My Funny Valentine Out Now

    I never thought I would ever use this thread for myself… I finally did it. I’ve joined the ranks of the published. Grant it, it’s self published but thrilling all the same! It’s late but hey, people will read Christmas stories year round! My novella romance, My Funny Valentine, became live on Amazon today. You can get it in paperback or ebook form. The cover done by our own @ChrissyQuinn and editing and proofing by fellow AFF writers/vets: @CL Mustafic and @Tahn (Gonna copy pasta from Tahn because her blurb of my book is WAY better than my own...): Terri is getting divorced from her adulterous husband and decides to treat herself by buying tickets to see her favorite celebrity who is speaking on Valentine's day. During an upsetting phone conversation, she hears a British voice ask if she's ok. It's a voice she knows. As her eyes meet those of her dream man, something sparks between the two, but when his wife shows up, all hope is lost. Or is it? His wife has a proposition for Terri, become Anthony's companion when he is filming in America. Does she dare accept this once in a lifetime opportunity, and will it prove to be too good to be true? AUTHOR PAGE!!!
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    Okay, the new hard drive is being treated to a clean install of Windows 10, and then I get to reinstall EVERYTHING else so I can move my files over properly.
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    I’m not discounting the rest of your post, but as a twitter conditioned person this really spoke to me! AFF, give me a heart to click!
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    I don’t change things due to lack of feedback. I just meander away, unless I stop. Stopping with me usually doesn’t have to do with whether I get feedback or not and is for lots of other reasons. I may feel like stopping, but that’s different too. So lack of feedback – no effect whatsoever. I will change a story due to feedback. Not because of complaints. The things I’ve written, I’ve developed a pretty tough skin as far as that is concerned. People with complaints can take a running jump. But… if I’m getting positive feedback, and I can sense the readers want something to happen, and I don’t mind going that way/writing it/taking a minor diversion then I’ll do it happily. I let the Elrond story go into incestuous slash, and I didn’t mind that at all. I enjoyed it too. I did a lot of Torchwood stuff on request for the forum I was involved in back then. I’ve got a chapter lined up for the Ai o Juten story that was written on request for a christmas present for someone. I have changed the ending of my current story to make it happy, though I still intend to go to the dark place. That is NOT up for negotiation. The only time that didn’t really work out was for the S&M story. I tried for a happy ending there. But it was impossible. He just… went back. I mean, obviously, I knew for a while he would go back, but still I had to write it out. To show it. Long story short. I like to make people happy who make me happy. In fact, that’s when I like fanfic best, because it feels like it’s not just me. It feels collaborative. I’m just the writer, but lots of people are having input into the story/stories (whether they know it or not), and it’s kind of magical.
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    I am writing again… 

    I am writing again…
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    Much like BW, I've got a million ideas in my head... Usually fighting each other (...six things on the go and one trying to be published...too many ideas, not enough time)... I can be inspired (and write twenty chapters pretty much non stop) by a simple song lyric or something I've seen in movies or just random thoughts I have... Which are most of the ideas... And where the idea for the newest one came from (two lines in a song, lol)... But that inspiration can be lost just as suddenly too… Having a broken spirit kills that inspiration flat dead... Trust me, I got a lot of Inspiration hidden in the basement... And for me, that happens a lot... Stress kills... And when nothing's gone right (Just like right now, laptop's fried itself (I hate this damned city))... And bad times... And that feeling that, while I know people are reading, it doesn't feel like it... The inspiration wavers and, oft times, cracks, breaks, and disappears... I've been lucky lately... But even then, the inspiration for STA, BaH, CHHW, even Hunted and BP have all wavered because of those factors all coming together right now... Sucks when you're always thinking the worst…
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    Suggestion: No hotlinked porn pics

    I suggest a rule that non-written porn content (drawings/photos etc) only has a URL posted with a description of content for users to decide if they want to view it. Reason being that while America has that freedom of expresson thing, a lot of the drawn porn stuff is illegal elsewhere, such as in my jurisdiction. When you click into a thread and the pictures are right there it’s too late to not have it on your hard drive and ISP record. There doesn’t seem to be any need to hotlink it, as those who want to share and view the pictures would still be able to do so. It’s a suggestion anyway.
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    Happy birthday to the amazing DemonGoddess061!
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    Couldn’t sleep. But the fun thing about insomnia is everything seems 150% funnier and gooder (that’s a word now. I just decided). I just started a scene and laughed uproariously at a stupid little porny rhyme I wrote in it and I just KNOW I’m going to think it’s totally juvenile and unusable in the morning. Morning Chloe’s such a goddamn stick in the mud.
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    I’ll apologise the day y’all reach infinity.
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    Why Do We Hate Mary Sue?

    I know. Makes me realize that I’m getting too freaking old. The thought of half the stuff I loved as a kid being complete unknowns to younger people these days happens to be a constant heartbreak for me too. Times are changing I suppose, and brilliance in art has shifted with the turning tides. But, it was still a lot of fun to read as Dr. Who got drug into the mix and so forth. A very fun type of comic strip that I hope will remain with all of us for a long time to come.
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    Ahhhh! It’s been seven years since I had to write a conclusion to a chaptered story. WTF I have no idea what to do with this conclusion lol. Now I’m all excited and proud and nervous and frustrated all at once, so I’m just gonna scream again, kay? AHHHH!
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    Why Do We Hate Mary Sue?

    But we all do kinda want to hear about the Christmas party where they got really drunk, mind. I can’t believe how old it is now. Another five years and AFF’ll have users who weren’t born when it was created.
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    CL Mustafic

    Throw your ideas in here!

    The power to make vegetarians run away in horror but then on the flip side, you’d mesmerize the meat eaters and that would probably give you mind control powers.
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    Why do you write?

    By ‘the odd one or two’ I totally just meant you and me, DP.
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    Health and stuff... little rant

    And… I’m back home! Two CT scans later, after a panic by the doctors where they thought I didn’t have appendicitis, but instead a much more serious inflammation ofthe main artery that supplies blood to my legs (scary), they’ve finally settled on a painful disease that isn’t life threatening (or at least, not yet). I’ve been knocked out with morphine and codeine and shoved full of antibiotics. What a performance. While I was there, I discovered why I never write longhand. I love my computer. Thank you for all your well wishes, everyone. Most appreciated, even if I did have a load of trouble getting online whilst I was there. Normal service shall now be resumed. After a good night’s kip. And a decent cup of coffee. And a couple of days rest, probably. And a shower to get this horrible hospital smell off of me.
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    Do I get brownie points for not plunging a fountain pen through someone’s carotid artery at a budget committee meeting?
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    Unattractive, but Redeemable Flaws

    Hmm.. maybe I’m just too cynical (I am getting old now!), but I believe that characters, like people, are mostly selfish. That’s the most realistic flaw you can write into any character, whether they’re yours or not. Sure, they all have moments of altruistic selflessness, as do we all, but I really think at the end of the day the great majority of the world goes around thinking about itself. And usually in quite a small way too, rather than master!villain selfishness. ie. worrying what other people think is probably pretty high up there for most people. Sad but true. I don’t exclude myself from that either. Whether a character is redeemable or not (let’s imagine they have a more major flaw for a moment) is an entirely different kettle of fish. I don’t think the two are necessarily connected. Bad things happen to good people, the same as they happen to bad people, and vice versa. Doesn’t mean anything. Doesn’t make them better, or worse, than they were before said event. I like irony. I like it when characters doom themselves in surprising ways, and make traps for themselves, sometimes millennia in the making, and they still don’t see it coming. That satisfies my evil muse. The problem with redemption is that it’s largely a mythical concept. Kind of like: everywhere you go, there you are. You can’t escape yourself. No character is redeemable in that sense. Ok, so a character could maybe stop doing a load of despicable stuff like murder, rape, dismemberment etc. But unless they’ve had some kind of drastic conversion that’s changed them completely into someone else, underneath they’re still pretty much the same dickhead, they’re just.. well.. dry drunk. Sorry, I can’t think of any other easier, short way to describe it. And then there’s the outside world, and how that can interact, because characters don’t live in a vaccuum. I said I like irony. The redemption of characters can be argued for or against, but if they then go and damn themselves via what is generally supposed to be one of their “good” qualities – what then? Or better still, if on the path to some kind of “redemption” they’ve gotten hold of the very instrument of their doom… then what? If the character really deserves their fate, taking into account everything they’ve done, isn’t that kind of balancing? Sorry if I wandered off topic a little. I tend to do that a bit.
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    give me prompts

    Pippychick, if I end up writing a story called “Terms of Service,” it’s gonna be your fault.
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    Magusfang's Corner

    hi everyone, sorry about going off the grid but kinda been in areas without internet and we decided to interact with each other this summer and not online. We had an amazing adventure with the family, building good memories as Steve puts it. I gotta admit he sure as hell knows how to build memories LOL. Well he’s letting everyone know that everyone is doing good, even Steve. He’s had a few days but all in all he is doing very well, his doctors are very pleased and so are we. Kids are back in school, but I decided to retire. I miss teaching but I wanna spend as much time with Steve as I can, I know its selfish but I don’t care. I’ve decided that sometimes its good to be shallow and self serving as for writing, sorry but we haven’t written a word all summer, we meant to but just never seemed to find the time, and I actually think that was a good thing But now that we are home, and things get more into our normal routine, we should start writing again. Sorry about the abandonment but I gotta put my guy and my family first.
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    Putting your e-book out there

    I use a publisher, because I am exceedingly untalented as an artist, and because I know I need an editor, and a proofreader, and all that jazz. But my first publisher was all about self-marketing. I like Twitter, because you can schedule a tweet and have it released weekly, or daily if you’re at release time. Facebook is great for launch parties, and I did a Rafflecopter giveaway thing, and all sorts of fun stuff. If you have a blog, blog about it and link the blog to other places, like an Amazon author page (free) or a Goodreads page (now owned by Amazon, but they pretend to be separate). As far as where to sell it, even if for free, I would strongly advise not to have anything to do with Kindle Unlimited. Keep your options open, so you can distribute your work on other sites, like Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, or via your blog itself, if you’re so inclined. KU will restrict you to only their service, and when you decide to offer something for money, they have a very odd algorithm to determine how much you earn, one which is not fair to the authors in my opinion. Kindle itself is fine, but Kindle Unlimited is not.
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    Writing a summary/blurb

    Well, I have the same problem with regards to my own, so I do understand. Not going to lie, even with the advice from the thread I started a while back, it’s still a hard thing for me to do. But, some of the advice has helped. I’ve been working on trying to pick out important parts from the actual story and develop them into a workable summary. For example, if your story is about intergalactic space pirates who raid the wrong colony and are consequently hunted because of it, it could, for example, read something like: One wrong decision. A raid on the wrong colony leads to the crew of the Fortune in possession of a weapon of mass destruction. Capable of destroying any planet in the known universe, Captain Shey Charlton must resist the urge to play God while the Fortune has to outrun the entire might of a galaxy united, hunting them to the ends of the universe and back to reclaim it. But each side of the allied forces have their own dark plans. And the only ones in their paths are the unscrupulous raiders. (...Damn, now I have another plot in my head that won’t go away… lol) I believe it was BW who said that the summary should interest you and make you want to read it as you, yourself, are the one you need to sell it first (paraphrasing of course... And if I messed up the paraphrasing, that’s on me).