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    Having broken the $10 mark on BN.com, I can officially add "Paid author" to the resume. I think, technically, this puts me at Z list status. Y status here we come!
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    Pippychick, if I end up writing a story called “Terms of Service,” it’s gonna be your fault.
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    Someone moves into a new house. While waiting for their new wifi to be set up, they can’t help noticing that alongside all of their new neighbours’ locked wifi connections, there is an open connection with an innocent title. Maybe it calls itself “Free Wifi” or something. Maybe the person ignores it at first. So it gets creative. It changes its tag. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? (OPEN) JOIN THIS NETWORK (OPEN) WHILE YOU’RE WAITING FOR YOUR OWN WIFI TO BE SET UP (OPEN) Maybe it starts calling the person by name. Until, eventually, overcome and doomed by their own curiosity, they connect. What do they expect? The world to fall down? Did they use that less valuable laptop? The old one? You know the one, the one that it doesn’t matter if it gets compromised somehow? The one they never use for banking? Does it matter? They’re online. They can do all the usual things they do while online. They can read the news, go on twitter, talk to friends. They can view pornography. They can post any old filth that they want. Perhaps it’s surprising how quickly they trust this new connection, having run a couple of virus checkers and malware programs. There’s really nothing wrong with it. Maybe there’s something wrong with them. Possibly, they never actually made it to their new house, and their newly freed soul got lost somewhere on the way to the next place. The choices they make and the spaces they visit would determine which place that would be; heaven or hell. Obviously, I’m imagining it would be a lot more fun for the MC to be damned by themselves, but you could go the other way. It’s a microcosm (in a story) of the whole ‘free will’ thing, so you could make it as philosophical as you want, as satirical as you want, and clearly there’d be lots of lovely temptation going on left, right and centre that you could play with.
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    Some prompts: The last Angel in a universe abandoned by god and overrun by demons goes on a quest to find a really good taco stand and falls in love with the woman running it. ** A woman finds using Tinder finds herself. She gets in contact thinking it is someone pretending to be her, and discovers it’s connected to a parallel universe. She has phone sex with herself. ** A redheaded witch gets gangbanged by… wait, no fanfiction. And it’s not my prompt anyway. ** The (fictional) world’s shortest woman meets the world’s tallest man at a world record event and has sex somehow. They’d probably need lube. ** A nerd goes to fuck his mom’s vacuum cleaner. When he kisses it, it turns out to have been an elven princess under a curse. She mocks him for trying to fuck a vacuum cleaner and then fucks his sister. ** A Dwarf, an Elf and an Amazonian warrior walk into a strip club. ** A woman with vagina dentata meets a man with a regenerating penis. ** Man picks a woman up in a bar and she turns out to be an IRS Agent. ** A woman can only come in haiku. ** A man and/or woman engages in some form of sexual contact with a man and/or woman. ** A werewolf accidently gets knotted into a glory hole. ** The spirit of Lake Chaubunagungamaug has sex with the first person in history not to laugh at her name.
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    hi everyone, sorry about going off the grid but kinda been in areas without internet and we decided to interact with each other this summer and not online. We had an amazing adventure with the family, building good memories as Steve puts it. I gotta admit he sure as hell knows how to build memories LOL. Well he’s letting everyone know that everyone is doing good, even Steve. He’s had a few days but all in all he is doing very well, his doctors are very pleased and so are we. Kids are back in school, but I decided to retire. I miss teaching but I wanna spend as much time with Steve as I can, I know its selfish but I don’t care. I’ve decided that sometimes its good to be shallow and self serving as for writing, sorry but we haven’t written a word all summer, we meant to but just never seemed to find the time, and I actually think that was a good thing But now that we are home, and things get more into our normal routine, we should start writing again. Sorry about the abandonment but I gotta put my guy and my family first.
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    I use a publisher, because I am exceedingly untalented as an artist, and because I know I need an editor, and a proofreader, and all that jazz. But my first publisher was all about self-marketing. I like Twitter, because you can schedule a tweet and have it released weekly, or daily if you’re at release time. Facebook is great for launch parties, and I did a Rafflecopter giveaway thing, and all sorts of fun stuff. If you have a blog, blog about it and link the blog to other places, like an Amazon author page (free) or a Goodreads page (now owned by Amazon, but they pretend to be separate). As far as where to sell it, even if for free, I would strongly advise not to have anything to do with Kindle Unlimited. Keep your options open, so you can distribute your work on other sites, like Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, or via your blog itself, if you’re so inclined. KU will restrict you to only their service, and when you decide to offer something for money, they have a very odd algorithm to determine how much you earn, one which is not fair to the authors in my opinion. Kindle itself is fine, but Kindle Unlimited is not.
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    “Stop scrolling! Are you ready to read the best story you’ve ever read? Great! You can read this piece of shit until you find it. Rape, snuff, MAGA”.
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    I start typing: "see you soon" -- phone suggests: "see you naked" I start typing "baby carrots" -- phone suggests: "babymaker" Never, ever borrow my phone.
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    No, I don’t have any prompts for Wat. As fine a name as it was for many a medieval commoner. Most famous being Wat Tyler.
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    I mentioned the copyright because even though you’re going to put it out there for free, that doesn’t mean that somebody more shady doesn’t take it and slap their name on it. Having it as a registered copyright seems to be a good thing.
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    Alright people it’s finally here! Backdoor Politics is finally available for preorder! Fantastic Fiction Publishing Smashwords Amazon Kamal is a by-the-book hitman who keeps to himself. He has very few ties to the world around him since the war that left him broken and betrayed by his lover. An encounter with a fellow thug, whose job it is to kidnap the son of the only man Kamal ever loved, leads Kamal to do something irrational. Stuck in an isolated cabin in the mountains of Bosnia with his hostage, Kamal follows the well laid-out plan of his predecessor, but somewhere along the way things get personal. The boy in his care becomes more than just a stand-in for his father, but a job is a job and Kamal is a professional. Can Kamal get his revenge and the boy or will he have to settle for one or the other?
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    Tried to promise myself I’d write 100 words a day. Failed. Promised myself 50 words. Wrote 500. My muse is a witch.
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    Honestly, I’d rather deal with editing than write a summary...or that dreaded two-three sentence marketing blurb. But I try to read it from the perspective of a reader: will it make me want to pick up the book, or did I yawn? I’m with @CloverReef in that keeping it personal works much better than trying to slip in a micro-infodump about the plot or the setting.
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    Yeah, summaries are tricky things. Ideally, you’d know the audience well where you’re posting or publishing. Or at least have an idea of the general demographic you want reading your story so you can play to them. Like, posting on an erotica site, you probably want to stress the erotica side of your story. But in general, as @Tcr (and @BronxWench?) said, make sure the summary describes something you want to read. Don’t focus on telling the passersby everything you think is important about the plot or the characters. They don’t need to know everything. They just need to know whether they wanna bother clicking on it. Pick out the most interesting points to draw them in. Touch on the romance (If there is any) and the main character’s conflict. I say the main character’s conflict rather than the main conflict of the plot because I tend to be attracted to summaries that are more personal. More character focused. What the elven warrior is struggling with will draw me in quicker than a world in peril, if that makes any sense. That’s how I try to think about it, but it’s by no means a one-size-fits-all thing.
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    Well, I have the same problem with regards to my own, so I do understand. Not going to lie, even with the advice from the thread I started a while back, it’s still a hard thing for me to do. But, some of the advice has helped. I’ve been working on trying to pick out important parts from the actual story and develop them into a workable summary. For example, if your story is about intergalactic space pirates who raid the wrong colony and are consequently hunted because of it, it could, for example, read something like: One wrong decision. A raid on the wrong colony leads to the crew of the Fortune in possession of a weapon of mass destruction. Capable of destroying any planet in the known universe, Captain Shey Charlton must resist the urge to play God while the Fortune has to outrun the entire might of a galaxy united, hunting them to the ends of the universe and back to reclaim it. But each side of the allied forces have their own dark plans. And the only ones in their paths are the unscrupulous raiders. (...Damn, now I have another plot in my head that won’t go away… lol) I believe it was BW who said that the summary should interest you and make you want to read it as you, yourself, are the one you need to sell it first (paraphrasing of course... And if I messed up the paraphrasing, that’s on me).
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    I think I might be waking up or something. I’ve just written some kind of beginning for a fun little Clegane/Brienne/Tormund fic. Just need to work out some plausible details. Writing Clegane’s pov atm, but might chop and change about. Hard to tell yet.
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    I’m going to tackle this first as a moderator, and then as an author. As a moderator, our archive code doesn’t allow for such a feature. While we’re well aware there is no practical way to keep anyone from copying and pasting material from almost any fiction archive, it has never been AFF policy to enable that, since plagiarism is a crime. People have lost jobs and been sued for actual monetary damages over theft of intellectual property and copyright violation. As an author, both on this site and published for sale, I have a strong objection to making it easier to find my hard work posted on a pirate website, earning someone else money. I don’t make my living writing. Most of us don’t, because only a relative few authors are going to reach “star” status and be able to support themselves solely by writing. It still doesn’t make it any less wrenching to see my work on a pirate site, and yes, I file the DMCA, and yes, I go after the hosting site if the pirate doesn’t comply. And yes, I’d file charges. I spend a long time writing a novel, polishing it, submitting it to a publisher, working with an editor, and marketing it. I probably should be nice and not mention your nom de plume as part of the inspiration for this post, but let’s just say I can’t resist.
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    That's actually a really good idea. Not one I see often, so a little outside the box, and may be a little harder to do well than a standard emotional shift, but would be awesome.
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    That one gave me a little chill and I’m not even moving home.
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    Today I highlighted few locks of my hair in golden blonde... the feeling is amazing.
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    Do not piss off the indie authors, for we are legion and write better than your average complaint.
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    awww thanks guys, I really mean that. So other than it being wet rainy and cold, , its good to be home LOL. Have started writing again but slowly, amazing how hard it is to get back in the groove when you stop for a few months. Oh well, not like we’re in a hurry right so just wanna give a shout out to anyone in Texas or Florida, keeping you in our thoughts and hoping everything turns out well. I rode Katrina out so I know how horrible it is, not just the storm but putting the pieces together afterwards. Stay strong, you may no believe it, but it will get better.
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    To really capture the feeling of the series, write a story and leave it unfinished.
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    “Think so? Secret, browning the butter before making the dough. Most people don’t do that as takes up time.” – Hot Pie to Arya Stark
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    Having that $150k/violation could be useful when needing to attract a copyright attorney.
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    I’ve relied on the publication date myself, but then again, I haven’t self-published yet. I might think differently were I to self publish.
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    I’ve actually been thinking of throwing something into KU, maybe a short novella. I’ve heard it helps as far as exposure goes. I guess I’m just nervous because I don’t want to lay out tons of money on editing for so little return if it doesn’t extend my reach for the books I have with the publishers. What are your thoughts on that? Think it would be worth it, basically giving a book away on the chance you might get discovered by the KU hordes?
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    Don’t forget to register the copyright (I’m assuming US law here).
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    Yes I think so, its a side story from my main series so its kinda a promotion in itself.
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    Wow that really helps thank you. Yeah I use kindle because you get to actually copyright your shizz before casting out into the world. And I did some reasearch this week on where else to put it and you have mentioned all the places I have found so thank you Have you had an experience with KU then? My first ebook is with them and I want to follow your advice this time and not use it but I wondered what you have seen from it...
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    So I take months writing stories, look at editing, promoting them and publishing them… the only thing I seem to REALLY struggle with is writing the little summary/description. Having written the whole book I find it hard to summarise. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks <3
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    This new muse is doing okay so far. Very inspiring. While at work, I didn’t have to think about work, because I was busy thinking of the fic and characters, and how I can get them to do what I want so they get a nice, happy ending. Clegane is developing a very dirty little laugh. In the meantime, IRL, I have already used up my quota of ‘c’ words for the year. It’s lunchtime. Time for a little nap.
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    Aw, thank you both! I’m actually excited for this one to come out and a little scared too.
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    This is all great advice, thank you @Tcr @CloverReef@BronxWench@SirGeneralSir@JayDee@Desiderius Price <3
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    Seriously, this story is like that IX one… I have to possess it, and my pre-order is in too. I thought I’d have to wait until I get paid tomorrow, but they don’t charge for pre-orders until delivery… yes! Also, for UK peeps, the amazon uk link is here: Amazon UK So excited to read it again! In fact, I might have to find out all the the old beta docs, lol… I adored being your first test subject for this – it was so awesome! Mostly because I got to read every chapter before anyone else… For me it’s one of those stories. I’ll never forget it for as long as I live.
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    You’ll probably write a hundred summaries until you get one that feels right…. only to write another hundred because you didn’t like the first one. Or, is it just me?
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    Gosh thank you!! This has made my day ^^ I am quite proud of this piece so glad you like it <3 I totally agree with you there, manga has so much more depth than animes ususally...
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    I find just doing a quick thing can work best. “A hero is late for dinner, hoards of zombies stand in his way but if he doesn't arrive soon, a darker fate awaits him at the hands of his mother/wife” no thought into that little blurb, but hey sounds interesting and funny right?
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    I’m going to tackle this as a dog: Woof. Woof. Sniffs ass.
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    As a reader, I do see where some other readers would appreciate the option to download to read offline. However that does not take into consideration how much easier it is to steal from the writers. I’d point out that it is already all too easy to copy/paste someone else’s hard earned words. I am willing to sacrifice being able to read offline to afford some protection. As a staff member, we take a very dim view of thievery. I direct anyone wishing for proof to browse through the Hall of Shame. As a writer, I’m not against making stories accessible to readers, but I do want my work as protected as possible. Having had work stolen from me, I can vouch that it is an extraordinarily unpleasant violation of trust.
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    I’m answering this as an author on this site, not as a staff member. But I am pretty sure that there will not be any kind of a download feature added to the site. And as an author, I would not want one.
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    In other news, while I’m on about songs, I go on holiday at the end of october. Going to be seeing Stacey Kent live while I’m away.
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    Is it possible to base an entire song around the lyric: “Dreaming of a lighthouse in the woods” Yes. Yes, it is.
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    I want to put something witty, upbeat and positive here, but this is me, so… (insert swear words of choice) You may have noticed I’m never online. Sorry about that. I’m really ill. Can’t even read atm. I've restarted Matt Haig’s latest about half a dozen times now. Still haven’t got past the first four pages. Goldfish have better concentration and mental agility than me right now. I can’t even do you any politics… Well, except to say to all: Fight fascism, with everything you’ve got. But then, that’s not really politics. That’s just basic humanity. I still have some of that left in me. So, apologies if you’re waiting on me to reply to emails/admit I’m alive/do something I’ve forgotten. I honestly don’t mean to be ignorant. I just have zero energy. I have no idea when normal service will be resumed. This status update is the most writing I’ve done in weeks.
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    A very happy birthday to foeofthelance, and many more, lad!
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    Looking for FF Authors who want their stories illustrated for Free. Need to practice my art. I am only open to accepting FF Authors from today (8/16/2017) to September 1, 2017. Here’s a link to my DeviantArt forum post on it – Forum Post Please contact me here or there… Eagerly awaiting replies.
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    Magus hasn’t been here since March, DA hasn’t been online since 2 months exactly. Does anyone have any update on them?
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    Focus Fandoms (Other can be Included as Crossovers): Harry Potter, Naruto, Bleach, D. Gray-Man, Final Fantasy Series, Teen Wolf, Hikaru no Go – you may suggest others Okay, if you had to compare this to something; think of the Japanese women’s Manga Writers Group, Clamp. However, this group is a larger co-ed community and encourages a broad range of different stories, but follows a few rules and meets certain expectations. Hello, I had been writing fan fiction under various pen names since 2006 – yikes, eleven years! Over the years I have improved my writing. One day I hope to publish my own books. I find fan fiction a relaxing and creative outlet, which I do for myself. It’s my secret hobby, a passion, and release from the stress of my life. I have a lot of time on my hands currently. I lack certain skills and I need help. There are several categories I am looking for assistance in. I know some of this will sound pretty silly, but I take fan fiction seriously. If you share my passion for fan fiction, please contact me – even if it is only to chat. ~ k505 (bryona.e.hart@gmail.com ) Basic Requirements (of all positions): Of Legal Age (18+), enjoys or tolerates reading and editing both graphic Slash and/or graphic Het Sex Scenes and can tolerate certain plot devices and Kinks, can communicate in English, is knowledgeable and willing to edit grammar, spelling, and punctuation and is innovative and constantly brings new ideas, (plot devices, new pairings, sex toys ideas...etc.) to the table. I recommend getting a Gmail account so we communicate and use google docs. Creative Director and Creative Director Assistants – The Creative Director (and assistants) will establish and manage a schedule for writing, online meetings, and updates. He or She will be the primary beta and will assign editing to the other volunteering betas. He or She will also seek out additional supports like individuals who can illustrate our stories and translate them accurately into different languages. He or She will keep us all informed of events and decisions. Cartographer and Cartographer Assistants – The Cartographer’s role is to assist in developing full chaptered OUTLINES for writers’ stories. I will personally assist them in learning my specific and usually successful formats for outlines. The Cartographer must then pass of the assignment to his or her assistants to work one-on-one with the writer. The Assistant will then poke holes at their assigned writer’s stories, research necessary materials for the story and compile research online (google docs), cover plot holes and work hand-in-hand with our Creative Director Assistants (Beta/Editors) to meet deadlines and to set goals as a team. Writers – these individuals will write the stories based on the outline with the collaborative effort of their teammates.They must meet agreed on deadlines 75% of the time. They can choose to focus on a type a pairing (Het, Slash-Yaoi, Yuri, Gen...etc.) if they want or a genre. Illustrators – Illustrates will illustrate the adult version of stories which will be posted online. There needs to be one picture minimum per every 5k words in a story in addition to a cover image. I doubt there will be many volunteers, but I will cry happily if someone volunteers! Translators – Translators will translate our stories into other languages. Contact me for the list of “approved Warnings” and “excluded Warnings”. I am playing with the idea of opening one account on fanfiction.net and archive of our own, which will host all our stories under one pen name. We would all have the password. Any bullying, defamation, slander or sabotage would result in being removed from our community. - Even if you can't use this community for your writing, but like the idea, please post a link to this on other sites. Send me ideas or recommend this group to your friends! Thanks!
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    Because rape is one of my fetishes, I’ve written several purely pornographic rape stories, and by and large, they attract a lot more readers than most of my consensual-sex stories. (The ultimate reader-magnet seems to be father-daughter rape, given that the stories of mine that have the most dragon prints are titled “Daddy’s Rules” and “Darla’s Dad.”) So I think “shock value” only tells part of the story; some authors write rape scenes because they know that such scenes appeal to a decent chunk of their readership—whether the readers will admit it or not. But in non-porn stories, I agree with Tcr that rape is not “lazy writing” if it advances the plot or character development in some important way. (The same goes for murder.)