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    Hourglas: Anesor, thanks so much for giving my little tale a try. Yes, I think there is a figurative clock ticking in this story. Time seems to be running out on their way of life. Maybe that's just 'cause I know where I want it to end. Thanks again! Moon: FairySlayer: I've said it before, but I'll say it again, "I love you. Absolutely love you." Your review has to be the best praise anyone has ever given my work. When life became overwhelming this week, a happy little thought popped in my head, "Pittwitch Fan site." 'Nuff said. I'm blown away that you think my tale is that good. At the risk of offending SK here, I'm tickled PINK! Aine chose to have Colin present for all of your reasons, and one more that shall remain undisclosed at this time. The brothers needed to learn a lesson. Apollo: sorry to burst your happy bubble, but that was only half the story. There's ten strikes pending. JayDee: Yes indeed, Connor has been pushing for more than a few chapters. Aine has developed an affection for him and she's not entirely certain that is a good idea. I glad you enjoyed the manhandling. Perso"anally" (my new favorite typo) I enjoyed that part of the imagery much more than the spanking part. Well, there's 10 strikes on the book, and 10 pending. We'll have to see where the next prompt leads. Well, we'll have to wait and see where the next prompt leads, but the ending for the whole tale came to me in a rush of madness, or inspiration if you so choose to believe, and I scribbled it out, sketchy, but hopefully knowing "where" this is going will help guide the prompts in the right direction. Thanks to you all for killing time with me and my story. I dearly love those reviews and will cherish them, and kiss them, and cuddle them, and pet them, oh, drat, carried away again.
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    Week 16: 1-23-11

    Pen Name: RamDragon Story link: http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600086256 Type of fic: Flashfic Rating: Adult++ Fandom: MegaMan Pairing: Zero/X Warnings: AFFO, Anal, Complete, Contro, Language, Other, PWP, Toys, Yaoi
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    Hernione going back in time

    Hi, um, someone was looking for a fic where Hermione goes back in time to the Middle Ages, I think it's 'One Life For Another'. Not sure, but it sounded familiar.
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    Week 16: 1-23-11

    Pen Name: JD/JayDee Story link: Millicent Moons Luna Type of fic: Flashfic Rating: Adult++ Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing: Millicent Bulstrode x Luna Lovegood Warnings: F/F, Fingering, PWP